NETSAS is an Australian company focused on delivering world class network management solutions.

We believe our products and services provide most valuable network management solutions in the market today.

Our team of highly-skilled professionals have many years of field experience in Network Management and Network Design with all the market leading vendors.

We specialise in the creation of high value Network Management Solutions for mission critical networks – no matter how complex requirements are.

At NETSAS, we focus on delivering internationally recognized, high-standard network management solutions. Over the years, we have established a portfolio of successful projects and solutions based on our Enigma Network Management System.

We are customer-based and committed to providing you with the best solutions. We have specially developed enterprise management software, enterprise management tools, and network management software to fulfill your management requirements.

Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals will ensure your management system's success. These professionals have extensive experience in network management and design. They have worked with all the leading market vendors and know exactly what you need.

We have a large collection of management solutions that require little maintenance. The areas we cover include network management audits, network performance analysis and audits, enterprise multi-vendor networks, service provider multi-vendor networks, and mission critical networks.

We also have specialized network designs for large-scale upgrade products and vendor migrations. You can also hire us to do telecommunications expense management (TEM) projects and audits.

Enigma NMS, our primary product, is guaranteed to offer superb monitoring capabilities. It is "NOC in the BOX" appliance, compatible with any hardware or VM. The installation is relatively easy and can be done in minutes. The best thing about this product is it requires no maintenance, no agents, no scripting, and absolutely no Linux knowledge—it just works!

At NETSAS, we know that expanding business technology systems and infrastructure is essential to small and large businesses alike. We are devoted to helping you meet your immediate and future needs. You can count on us to improve your business and meet your goals.